Monday, 17 March 2014

Family Wellness Set / Set Kesihatan Keluarga

Family Wellness set

1. VitaLea
- Helps to maintain good health. 
- Contains beta carotene that helps to maintain body growth, vision and tissue productions.
- Contains calcium, fosforus with C & D vitamin for bones and teeth health.
- Contains B12 that helps in the production of red blood cell.

Clinically researches have proven by consuming VitaLea consecutively for a year may reduces the risk of getting sick for 65%.

2. Bcomplex
Contains 8 types of B vitamin needed by the body. Bcomplex functions as the converter of glucose/sugar to energy. This is very important to ensure our body gets enough energy. Also it is very important to ensure any extra glucose/sugar is not been absorbed to the blood that can caused diebetese. 

Bcomplex also functions as a 'calmer' and anti-stress to ensure you could live in controlled level of stress. 

3. Sustained Release Vitamin C
Vitamin C acts as a protector of body cells from any free radicals to maintain healthy cells. Our body is made of cells.
Hence when cells are healthy, the body is healthy too. 

Vitamin C also promotes the absorbtion of other vitamins. Logically when the body cells are healthy, any other vitamins taken will be easily absorbed by the body. 

4. Energizing soy protein (ESP)
- ESP is a non-GMO source of protein. Protein is the cell's food. Protein gives nutrients to the cell so that the healthy cells can grow and live longer. 
- ESP provides 9 amino acids needed by the body.
- Naturally low fat, lactose and cholestrol free. 

Family Wellness Set

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