Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to protect ourselves & our loved ones from the danger of HAZE

Its badly hazy out here in Klang town. Breathing aint feel inhaling air but smoke. The weather is being so unfriendly lately. Thats why we need to protect ourselves and our loved one, especially our family. 

Please ensure you drink plenty of plain water everyday. Make sure you bring along a bottle of water every where you go, so you won't get dehydrated. Dehydrated is dangerous especially during the hazy weather. 

Please don't expose yourself to the haze, in other words, stay indoor and minimize your outdoor activity.

We know that haze contains a lot of micro thingy such as dust, sulfur, carbon monoxide and many more. Its recommended to wash your face and hands oftenly because they are the most exposed area. If possible take bath frequently too. 

Like it or not, you have to start improving your imune system. Its only when your imune system or antibody is strong enough, you would be able to stay healthy and won't get effected by the haze. We in Mama Olin's would strongly recommend you to consume the "Family Wellness set" & "Mighty 3 Gem set" from Shaklee to maintain and improve your health level and keep you dehydrated. 

Family Wellness set

1. VitaLea

- Helps to maintain good health. 

- Contains beta carotene that helps to maintain body growth, vision and tissue productions.

- Contains calcium, fosforus with C & D vitamin for bones and teeth health.

- Contains B12 that helps in the production of red blood cell.

Clinically researches have proven by consuming VitaLea consecutively for a year may reduces the risk of getting sick for 65%.

2. Bcomplex
Contains 8 types of B vitamin needed by the body. Bcomplex functions as the converter of glucose/sugar to energy. This is very important to ensure our body gets enough energy. Also it is very important to ensure any extra glucose/sugar is not been absorbed to the blood that can caused diebetese. 

Bcomplex also functions as a 'calmer' and anti-stress to ensure you could live in controlled level of stress. 

3. Sustained Release Vitamin C
Vitamin C acts as a protector of body cells from any free radicals to maintain healthy cells. Our body is made of cells.
Hence when cells are healthy, the body is healthy too. 

Vitamin C also promotes the absorbtion of other vitamins. Logically when the body cells are healthy, any other vitamins taken will be easily absorbed by the body. 

4. Energizing soy protein (ESP)
- ESP is a non-GMO source of protein. Protein is the cell's food. Protein gives nutrients to the cell so that the healthy cells can grow and live longer. 
- ESP provides 9 amino acids needed by the body.
- Naturally low fat, lactose and cholestrol free. 

Mighty 3 Gem set

1. Energizing soy protein (ESP)
As explained above

2. Mealshakes 
- complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals, contains fiber and lots of proteins.
To increase immune system

- To help improve skin condition and reduce exzema symptoms.

- Help to increase appetite.

3. Performance drink
- It is an electrolyte drinks that helps to maintain body's hydration. The electrolite contained in performance drink produces electric impuls/energy that is used by nerves and muscles in the body 
- It is clinically proven to promote body's hydration better than water
- It helps to produce more energy than any other brands
- It is a source of 'instant' energy that can long last due to it electrolite OPTI-LYTE mixture.
- Tests made to athletes proves performance drink helps body dehydration, maintain sugar level in blood and improves stamina. 
- does not contain artificial coloring and flavour.

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